Modèle : B00K70RWYA
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30,20€ 62,80€
BUNNY BUSINESS Niche de Transport Pliable en Tissu avec Polaire pour Animaux domestiques Housse de Transport Incluse - B00K70RWYA

  • Couleur : Bordeaux/ Gris

  • Taille : Large

  • Piles pas requises

  • Fabric crates are extremely popular as they are attractive and come complete with their own carry-bag, but most importantly they are a fraction of the weight of their wire counterparts and less cumbersome. Cloth walls give more privacy to the dog and can also aid against travel sickness. Please remember that this crate is made from fabric, so if your dog chews, or if it is not used to being crated and tries to get out, it will may tear the crate, making it unusable. We cannot be held responsible should this occur